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Induction Cooker - The Magic Cook!

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Induction Cooker is also called as Induction stove, Induction cook-top is smarter and easier way to cook food and it is an energy saver too! Gone are the days when cooking required constant attendance. Induction cookers are automated to a great extent. There is a micro controller with appropriate software and many user settings to control the cooking process. A small revolution is happening in kitchen cook tops, as these innovative technology induction cookers are slowly developing into a serious contender to the traditional gas hobs. The environment and modern lifestyles will surely demand the newcomer to become more prominent.

Gas and electrical cook-tops have been commonly used in kitchen for decades, but as technology improves there are a lot of changes evolved in methods of cooking. One of the latest innovations in this field is the induction cooker.Induction cooktop works by creating an electromagnetic field which only used to heat up the pan and doesn’t heat cooktop surface itself. Induction cooking is far quicker than the other conventional method of cooking. In Induction cooking the temperature changes are instantaneous.

In an induction cooker, a magnetic field generates inductive electricity in any magnetic vessel kept on the cook top and allows heat to be generated directly in the utensil and it takes much less time for complete cooking. You can cook, simmer, boil or just keep the food warm on an induction cooker without worrying about the hazard of burning your hands because there is no open flame to cook. Induction cooking saves fuel costs by nearly 50%. A sleek design and crystal glass surface induction cooktop is a must have in a modern kitchen.

Cooking on induction cooker is more safer than other cooking methods like gas or regular electric stove. There is no open flame in an induction cooker. If you’ve got kids and you’re worried about their safety then an induction hob could suit you too. The hob isn’t directly heated so it doesn’t get hot enough to burn and cools down very quickly, and the lack of a gas source means there’s no chance of a gas leak. Furthermore, induction cookers are equipped with sensors that will shut down induction cooker when the cookware is overheating.

Induction cooktop is a super intelligent device as it recognizes the utensil placed on it. During Induction cooking the pan gets heated and your food gets cooked but the area around it stays cool.

Induction cooker's digital display shows cooking time and temperature. The temperature can be adjusted from 60° to 280°C in 10 different stages by the touch of your little finger. The in-built pre-set programs keep the temperature constant. The whole process of Induction cooking is so simple and fast that to boil a liter of water it takes just 3 minutes!

Induction cooker works best with any magnetic base pot like steel. Induction cookers are suitable for cooking, roasting, steaming or just keeping food warm.

Leave your old gas and electric hobs behind and bring some innovation into your kitchen with an induction hob! Your investment on our induction cooker can be as low as 2250/-.

Looking for a new Induction cooker?

Induction cooker provides rapid heating, improved energy efficiency, great heat consistency for professional results. These  induction cooker features a digital display, press button or sensor controls, different thermostatic control from 60ºC to 240ºC, Timer with count-down function and with a wide voltage range from 100V - 280V.

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Demo Videos

click to watch induction cooker demo video
click to watch induction cooker demo video
click to watch induction cooker demo video