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NEW! Sleek, black glass Induction Cookers
Stylish and sleek black profile with frameless glass ceramic surface
World-class Induction Cookers — From Rs. 2900.00
Bergner - Austria Stainless Steel Cookware — From Rs. 500.00
Premium Quality Induction Non-stick Cookware set — From Rs. 1500.00
Faber is India's No.1 Hoods & Hobs brand — Owned by Franke Holding AG, in Aarburg, Switzerland
Premium Quality Induction Cookware set — Rs. 1975.00
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Induction Cook tops

The best energy saving Induction cookers in India.

induction pressure cooker

Pressure Cookers

Induction ready pressure cookers, 3L, 5L, 7.5L, 10L.

nonstick cookware

Non-stick Cookware

Induction cooker capable Non-stick cookware.

induction ready stainless steel cookware

Stainless-steel cookware

Induction cooker capable stainless steel cookware.

induction cooker 1200w
Low wattage Induction Cooker 1200W
SKU IC0041
Rs. 1999.00
induction cooker faber FICM8fTCM
Induction Cooker Faber FICM8F TCM
SKU IC0044
Rs. 3143.00
induction base pressure cooker 5l
Induction Pressure Cooker 5 Liter
SKU 00003
Rs. 920.00

sauce pot with lid 24cm
Induction Sauce Pot w/Lid 24cm
SKU 00004
Rs. 1100.00
induction base fry pan 26cm
Induction Fry Pan - 26cm dia
SKU 00005
Rs. 575.00
induction base flat tawa 28cm
Induction Flat Tawa - 28cm dia
SKU 00006
Rs. 695.00
induction cooker bajaj icx-7
Low Wattage Induction Cooker
SKU 00008
Rs. 2480.00
induction cooker philips model hd4907
Induction SS Kadai w/Lid-1.3L
SKU 00009
Rs. 1195.00
induction cooker preethi indicook regal
Induction Non-stick Soucepot-22cm
Rs. 950.00

induction base aappachatty
Induction base Steamer Set
SKU 00010
Rs. 1290.00
induction base kadai 27cm
Induction base Kadai 27cm
SKU 00011
Rs. 890.00
induction ready enamel sauce pot black 24cm
Induction base Cookware set
SKU 00012
Rs. 1990.00
induction ready stainless steel saucepan 16cm
Induction SS Saucepot Set-Golden
SKU 00006
Rs. 1650.00
induction ready stainless steel sauceot 20cm
Induction SS Saucepot Set-Steel
SKU 00002
Rs. 1590.00
induction ready stainless steel idli cooker
Induction SS Fry Pan w/Lid-24cm
SKU 00011
Rs. 1080.00

induction ready stainless steel sauce pot special 20cm
Induction SS Fry Pan 20cm-Golden
SKU 00003
Rs. 895.00
Induction SS Saucepan 16cm-Golden
SKU 00001
Rs. 776.00
Induction SS fry Pan 20cm-Steel
SKU 00007
Rs. 840.00
die-cast induction fry pan 24cm
Die-cast Induction Fry Pan24cm
SKU 00006
die-cast induction deep fry pan 24cm
Die-cast Induction Deep Fry Pan
SKU 00002
die-cast induction low casserole 24cm
Die-cast Induction Fry Pan-28cm
SKU 00011

die-cast induction saucepot 24cm
Die-cast Induction Dosa Tawa-26cm
SKU 00003
die-cast induction dutch pan square 24cm
Die-cast Induction Grill Pan-26cm
SKU 00001
Induction base Panigarakkal
SKU 00007
ceramic coat deep fry pan
DieCast Ceramic Deep Fry Pan-28cm
SKU 00006
Rs. 1890.00
ceramic coat saucepot 16cm
DieCast Ceramic Saucepot-16cm
SKU 00002
Rs. 1360.00
enamel sauce pot regular 24cm
DieCast Ceramic Saucepot-24cm
SKU 00011
Rs. 1960.00

enamel sauce pan red color 18cm
DieCast Ceramic Fry Pan/Lid-24cm
SKU 00003
Rs. 1460.00
enamel sauce pan white color 18cm
DieCast Ceramic Kadai/Lid-28cm
SKU 00001
Rs. 1940.00
enamel sauce pan regular 20cm
DieCast Ceramic Kadai-20cm
SKU 00007
Rs. 1190.00

Pros, Cons of Induction cooker

Cooking with induction is faster, safer, less expensive, and more energy-efficient than traditional cooking methods.

More Information

Induction cooker vs Gas cooktop

Induction cooker differs from LPG cook top. In induction cooker there is no open coil or open flame or heated surface present.

More Information

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More about Induction Cooker

imageHistory of Induction Cooking
Induction cooking is not a new technology, it has long been widely used around the world. read more
induction cookingInduction - The Magic Cook!
Gone are the days when cooking required constant attendance. Induction cookers are.. read more

Use and Care

Occasional issues may arise in your cook top during daily use. Many of these problems may be resolved by yourself..

Troubleshooting information

Clean the induction cooker after each use. Turn-off the induction cooker and disconnect plug..

Cleaning of Induction cooker

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